Welcome to Happy Barista.Com!

We are here to end a hate crime trend that is sweeping the nation. For many years, interns in the United States have had to deal with ridicule and torture at the hands of local coffee vendors, or Baristas, as they are known in the wild.

But now, there is one web site that is taking a stand to this madness. Happy Barista.com is here to bring harmony to the barista and intern. No longer will interns be subject to spit in their drinks. No more will they return to the office with incorrect (possibly, spitefully on purpose) orders.

Likewise, the barista will no longer have to deal with multiple illegible orders written on any stray scrap of paper. No more dealing with currency conversion or extreme accounting tasks. No more COINS! Yes, Happy Barista.com has made it possible for interns and baristas to co-exist peacefully with our motto of One Card, One Order. Peace will return to the universe.

Help us end Barista on Intern violence. If you are one of the lucky few, please sign in to begin the crusade...
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